Album almost out!

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19 days until the release of my big baby, PRIDE, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Did you know that my album was largely recorded in a tiny makeshift studio in my spare bedroom? Did you know Jarrod Lawson built that studio and engineered those sessions? I couldn’t be more grateful for the convenience it afforded me. I was able to literally roll out of bed, brush my teeth, look like an old hag, and walk across the hall, sit….and sing. It definitely gave me a little peace of mind, and far less pressure because I had no time constraints! Nothing like being able to eat, work, nap, work, eat, work, and eat some more from home. 😉

One thought on “Album almost out!

  1. I heard some of your music by mistake. A guy on gearslutz web site talked about the microphone you were recording with. I was looking for a new microphone for one of the female artist in St.Louis, and stumbled upon one of your songs. I am so glad that I did. So many artist are hidden from the rest of the world. You my dear are a hidden gem… Keep the music alive….This gift should be shared…

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