Glasgow, Scotland

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You remind me of home….we traveled for far too long, and I didn’t feel like I went very far at all, stepping into a wet party of puddles, and spitting rain, a lovely hotel and hospitality. We had a gig full of welcome after welcome after welcome.. It was such a nice change from the hiatus that we had been on for what seemed like forever..(6 weeks). You almost forget the music and have to learn it all over again. I’m missing my love, Molly, this time around…she gives me a security and balance, although I’m loving singing with our new bandmate Shawn. My Aniila gives me a good female balance, and makes Scotland seem even more like home than it may have had she not been with me.

Jarrod and I stumbled out of the hotel late night to find a bite to eat, and saw a band rehearsing in the middle of the street, a very lively Scottish Thursday evening, and found a Scot’s pub, the “Nice ‘n Sleazy and drank beers, and tried to feel like locals. Wouldn’t you know that the table we shared happened to be occupied by a man from Texas and a man from D.C….I guess you can’t turn that kind of radar off…

good times..we love you Glasgow. Excited to go back…


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