Wheels up

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Setting out for an 11 country-2 month tour/vacation today…we couldn’t be happier.  I say we because I have the privilege of bringing my baby girl with me for the duration! Who in the hell gets to do this kind of stuff! I get to show her how to chase her dreams, and show her the world. You dream about giving your child an education and providing them with a legacy of riches and love…but I have to say having the opportunity to show my daughter pieces of Earth that a vast majority of humans will never breathe air in, is priceless…I firmly believe that the memories we will make on this trip together will make up a large portion of our forever foundation as mother and daughter. I feel a sense of pride in the fact that anything I may have done along the way helped to provide her with this opportunity! I will not take it lightly. So be prepared for many insights and details and lovey dovey coming your way via this here site, about our many adventures that are to come this summer. Life is good. Love is good. TM

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