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The work isn’t in writing the songs, and recording them. That seems to ebb and flow when and where it is supposed to… The work appears when you go the crazy but brilliant route of managing all of your business yourself. I’m finding this to be so damn rewarding I often don’t stop to think about the weight of the workload. I can tell you without doubt however, that making the phone calls, fielding emails, building the connections, forging relationships that will grow your business is extremely taxing. I chose to do things this way, after witnessing the mishaps in other careers where the management failed to perform the duties required, and even more so be a good representative for the artist as a human being, I was struck with a huge desire to build my own brand my own way, knowledge or not. The most striking part was that I never wanted to watch someone, whom I trusted less than myself, whom worked less hard than myself, who had less of an ability to connect than myself, and who flat out wasn’t a hustler, handle all of my most personal affairs. It is literally the act of putting your life in someones hands. I PRIDE myself on being loyal, hard working, socially adept, and one hell of a hustler who rarely fails. How could I expect that someone else would have the same passion for my art and my livelihood that I do? So, for now I’ trying to learn the ins and outs of this scathing music business so that down the road, when I have to pass on all of the daily tasks that I can no longer handle, to someone I do believe in, I will also be very aware of the state that my career is in. I want to be able to feel the climate of it all and recognize where decisions need to be made and which ones. Is this the desirable way to start your music career? No, but I know without doubt this will serve me the best ultimately, and offer me protections that most artists will never know. Be your own boss. No fear.


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